Want To Explore Solar System ? Check This Out !

this freakishly cool website lets you explore the the Solar System and the other neighbouring areas of the solar system . This website is insanely great for some of the reasons mentioned below:

  • The website is works on the current time , means it shows you current position and of all the objects in the solar system.Means the website is in Real Time Motion
  • You can visit each planet individually and explore it!
  • The website offers three views of the solar system:
    Heliocentric View (Sun at centre).
    Geocentric View (Earth at centre.)
    Panoramatic View (Telescope View.)
  • All constellation are mapped out , you can see those in Panoramatic View.
  • This whole Solar System can be yours for only $10 dollars
  • When you click the link given here , the website takes you through a tour , that tour will blow your mind ! Seriously ! The whole website model is constructed in flash.

    About the website : “Watch and Play model of Solar System Planets and Constellations moving over the Night Sky.” The website also boasts of being used by NASA.

    The website is also available in Spanish , Portuguese and Russian!

    I suggest you if you really are a space lover than you need to visit this website once:SolarSystemScope.com

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