High Court Unblocks Vimeo, Torrent sites !

Indian ISP’s have restored access to file-sharing and video streaming sites, thanks to a new ruling by the Madras High Court that no longer requires ISPs to block entire websites, but to list specific URLs pertaining to the copyright infringement.

“The order of interim injunction dated 25/04/2012 is hereby clarified that the interim injunction is granted only in respect of a particular URL where the infringing movie is kept and not in respect of the entire website. Further, the applicant is directed to inform about the particulars of URL where the interim movie is kept within 48 hours.”

Indian ISP’s had blocked access to a number of video sharing and torrent sites last month, including Piratebay, Isohunt, Pastebin and Vimeo, following an order from the Madras High Court. This was due to a John Doe order granted to Copyright Labs for a complaint filed by litigant R.K. Productions, the producers of Tamil movies 3 and Dammu.

The censorship quickly raised the ire of Anonymous, who directed some of their protests against ISPs for supporting censorship via DDoS attacks and leaks of ISP logs.

Anonymous also organised a number of peaceful street demonstrations in cities across India, demanding the removal of blocks and amendments to provisions from the IT Act 2008.

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