Galaxy Note II to be released in October

Sequel to Galaxy Note to be released in October.

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics will be releasing a flexible display-equipped ,so the device could bend a little , successor model to the Galaxy Note in October so as to compete against Apple’s iPhone5.

NoteII will be slimmer and bigger with 5.3-inches.

The sequel will launch in October, according to MK Business News , to compete with the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 isn’t a dead certainly for an October launch, but it would fit with Apple’s scheduling plans, being 12 months on from the iPhone 4S announcement.

Galaxy Note II will be using the style of Galaxy SIII.
Apple will most probably stick to the same timeline as last year and release its newest iPhone in fall, predict market experts. Samsung is said to be timing the launch of its latest Galaxy model to coincide with the release of the iPhone5, up from its initial launch date at the year-end, to compete head-on with Apple.

The sequel model will also use Android’s Jelly Bean operating system (OS), a successor to the current Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) OS, to release a premium product that can vie against Apple’s steady bestseller smartphones.

Now what is this Jelly Bean? :
Android Jelly Bean

Note II will run Android Jelly Bean, the successor to Ice Cream Sandwich. Battery life is said to be improved, and it’ll be sturdier to protect against falls. Handy if you’re taking it to the great outdoors. Or are just a bit clumsy.

A quad-core processor will mean faster processing, and multitasking should be a breeze.

It’ll also have a 12-megapixel camera on the back, up from the current Note’s 8-megapixel.

Can a device get much bigger than 5.3-inches ? Is it a Tablet ? or Phone?

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