3 Skills to Make a Robust Resume.

Want to create a robust resume ? Not enough skills to get a job ?, Fill up your resume with these skills and bolster your recruitment chances .

There are thousands of free educational programs on the internet to improve your resume .

Your resume is more than a summary of your past experience. It’s a tool that can help propel your career growth–that is, if you highlight skills, language, and the context of the job you want, rather than clinging with your past experience.

These is the list of some skills you might want to add to your resume:

  1. Foreign Language

  2. Learning a new language can open up a lot of doors for you as a professional. In fact, becoming fluent in a second language could even offer you the opportunity to work in another country.

    The most popular language-learning courses are effective, but they can also be costly. Instead, teach yourself at home by taking advantage of a free online course. In fact, free online courses are growing in popularity. Busuu,BBC Language,MIT Education,Learn A Language to name a few…

    If, for instance, you decide to learn Mandarin, check out MIT’s OpenCourseWare or Learn A Language. Check out this awesome infographic that they made:

    Source: Upgraded Points

  3. Web Development (Java, HTML, SQL).

  4. Learning Web development isn’t just applicable for IT professionals.Many experts agree that having knowledge of computer languages is particularly appealing to today’s employers. Whether you’re a new business graduate or a seasoned professional looking to brush up on the latest in-demand skills, learning the basics may make you more relevant.

    All you have to do is start. Free tutorials from W3schools, Code Academy,PHP academy,Flash Building Channel on YouTube ,The New Boston are some website you might wanna start your improvement.

  5. Excel

  6. Many job-seekers list Excel as one of their skills, even if they only have a mastery of the basics. Set aside some time this evening or weekend to learn some new features.

    Excel is valuable because it offers some essential ways to analyze a lot of info in the least amount of time. Go beyond the basics of formulas and equations and learn about features like Excel’s PivotCharts, custom functions, Visual Basics for Applications, and more. Search for free tutorials online; you’ll be bombarded with resources and videos.

So what are you waiting for? Start today …. Let give you a start MIT Courseware

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