Dell will now sell Laptops with Linux Ubuntu OS in India.

Dell Ubuntu OS Dell is ready to sell laptops with Linux Ubuntu free operating system in it from next month in India .

These Dell netbooks will be available in 850 Dell stores around the whole country.

Dell in India currently sells PCs loaded with Windows, the proprietary operating system, of Microsoft. It will start selling Ubuntu PCs with the two models from its budget laptop series Inspiron.

UK-based Canonical, the company that sponsors Ubuntu, also enters India with the launch of these computers. The company is owned by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth founder of  Thawte, the digital certificate issuer,which is now owned by Symantec.

Canonical generates revenue by selling technical support and services related to Ubuntu. Canonical will train counter sale staff in Dell stores in India, who will service customers looking to buy Ubuntu computers. Globally, Dell has 28 models variants of computers that come pre-installed with Ubuntu.

Ubuntu was released 7 years ago , since then 16 versions have been released , till now no Virus attacks have been detected on these operating systems and the recent version  Ubuntu 12.04 has been very user friendly than previous versions.

By Harshal Carpenter

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