Censorship of Internet in Asiatic Countries Rises.

The search giant Google and social networking giant Facebook reports that they are getting more and more requests from governments of asiatic countries to remove/block the content from the users.
There has been very steep rise (almost 50%) of requests from governments of various countries such as India , Pakistan , China(of course!), Ukraine , Bolivia , Thailand and other countries such as U.K. and Canada.

The satires on government , military and police were the main reasons behind the requests of the removal or blockage. These events suggest that government of various countries fear the power of Internet (F*** yeah!) as it has helped to bring down the governments of Egypt, Libya etc .

However many of the requests were turned down by the Giants.(take the point that many of them were considered ).

All these question the freedom of speech of the people . Will it be free or come at a cost?

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